Environmental Improvement

As the Indian MSME sector continues to grow in pace with India's overall economy, so does the environmental impact of the MSME sector, in terms of pollution of air, water, and land resources. Energy consumption is intrinsically linked to air pollution, as MSMEs that use fossil fuels like coal, coke, and furnace oil generate considerable quantities of GHG emissions and other pollutants that pose a threat to health, as well as to climate at both local and global levels. Thus, there is an enormous scope to reduce GHG emissions and other air pollutants in the MSME sector by improving the energy efficiency of MSME units by technology upgradation and by developing alternate sources of energy for MSME units based on clean fuels like natural gas, renewable energy sources like solar, and sustainable biomass based technologies.

Here are some examples of the initiatives and activities undertaken by the members of SAMEEEKSHA, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the Indian MSME sector through promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy options.

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