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Awareness generation/information dissemination

The sustained uptake of energy efficient and/or renewable energy technologies in the MSME sector hinges upon generating awareness and disseminating information on relevant topics among a range of stakeholders at cluster as well as policy levels. Awareness generation is carried out through organizing events, such as the following.

  • National and regional level conferences to sensitize policy-makers and institutional stakeholders on issues of relevance to energy efficiency in the MSME sector.
  • Cluster-level seminars and workshops to generate awareness on new/improved technologies and options for finance among local entrepreneurs, Local Service Providers (LSPs), bankers, and other cluster-level stakeholders.
  • Exchange visits by entrepreneurs from different clusters to share knowledge and experiences with regard to the improved technologies.
  • Organizing exhibitions for entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.
  • Information, too, takes different forms for different stakeholders. Institutional stakeholders as well as the public could access information from brochures, web-based resources and visual media. Factory workers could benefit from pamphlets, posters, and booklets published in local languages. Factory owners and LSPs could get information from comprehensive technical manuals and guidebooks; and so on.

    Here are some examples of the initiatives undertaken by the members of SAMEEEKSHA to support awareness generation and information dissemination activities.

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