Tirupur textiles cluster (Tamil Nadu)


The town of Tirupur, near Coimbatore, is a leading textile cluster in India. The entire town’s economic activity is centred around the manufacture of readymade garments, ranging from cotton knitwear to winter apparel. There are an estimated 3200 MSMEs in the cluster, specializing in different aspects of the production process like dyeing, compacting, knitting, embroidery, bleaching, stitching and finishing. A majority of units do job work against orders from export houses, which in turn cater to the requirements of overseas brand marketers.

Products manufactured

Readymade garments such as T-shirts, cardigans, jerseys, pullovers, blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers, nightwear, and sportswear

Number of MSMEs


Energy consumption


Main fuels

Furnace oil, high speed diesel (HSD), coconut husk, LPG, firewood, electricity

Production & turnover

Exports Rs 11000 crores; 84780 tonnes fabric, 32500 tonnes knitwear (2007 figures)

Total energy consumption (toe)


Leading industry association(s)

Energy efficiency initiatives

BEE-SME Program https://beeindia.gov.in/sites/default/files/ctools/BEE%20SME%20SCHEME.pdf

Cluster manual


Other resources

Source: Data pertains to 2010-11, collected primarily under the BEE-SME program

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